Our Business

AgriSunPower LLC (ASP) facilitates solar energy generation in Virginia by connecting energy developers, utility companies, electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, state energy agencies, regulators, local public officials, environmental advocates, and more importantly, secure solar land for utility scale solar developers. ASP is “boots on the ground” for utility scale solar developers.

ASP’s main responsibility is Site Control, as follows:

  1. Identifies and qualifies project sites, negotiating with landowners
  2. Identifies utility interconnection lines
  3. Works directly with local government on how a utility scale solar facility fits with their Comprehensive Plan
  4. Coordinates local and state permitting
  5. Secures local and state potential incentives, which include but are not limited to education, job training, property tax relief, and sales tax reduction

ASP engages Consultants with specialties in Engineering, Environmental Science, Legislative Affairs, Regulatory Agencies, Public Service, Real Estate and with vast entrepreneurial experience.

ASP works closely with landowners to create a long-term partnership based on honesty and long-term income for the landowner. First, ASP qualifies the suitability of the land for solar energy generation at no cost to the landowner. Then, ASP structures an agreement with a solar developer based on the landowners’ needs for the land and how much acreage will actually be used in energy generation development. The land lease details are discussed with both landowners and their legal counsel until all parties are comfortable with every aspect of the agreement. Successfully addressing land owners’ concerns at the start of the process greatly improves project success.